Below are listed some of the most common questions we get about Silvagrip®.  Just click on the question to revel the answer.   If you have a question not addressed here, please feel free to get in touch!

  • What is the durability?   

    What is the durability?   

    Silvagrip® has been tested for Sustained Slip Resistance and has a 5 year expected life cycle with normal wear.  Silvagrip is engineered as an anti slip tape for walking surfaces and light equipment areas of use.

    pdfSustainable Slip Resistance Test, Sotter Engineering USA

    pdfSustainable Slip Resistance Test OIL (Australia)

    pdfSustainable Slip Resistance Test WATER (Australia)

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  • How is this product made? 

    How is this product made? 

    Silvagrip® is proprietary and patented.  It’s a molten metal & ceramic solidified together with a molten application and laminated to an adhesive for use as a non skid peel and stick tape; impervious to the weather, UV proof, corrosion proof, water proof and chemical resistant.

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  • How do I insure good application?  

    How do I insure good application?  

    There are 4 steps to ensuring a good application:

    1. Follow the installation instructions (see below).
    2. Be sure you have a clean, dry and smooth surface free of any contaminates.  

      (Clean deck/floor area with Acetone using appropriate safety gear.)

    3. Use a heavy 100 lb. roller. Use body weight as well.


    Installation instructions:

    All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of any residues.  The smoother the surface the better the adhesion.  Rough or porous surfaces should be painted.

    Silvagrip® can be applied on most painted surfaces that are in good condition. The smoother the surface the better.  Silvagrip® will adhere to the painted substrate only as well as the base paint will adhere to the substrate.  Treated or untreated wood must be painted prior to application.  

    A rubber hand roller should be used to assure good adhesion when applying Silvagrip®. Ideally a pressure of 40 lbs when rolling down Silvagrip® gives best results.

    We suggest an edge sealing compound be used to protect the edges from moisture getting under the non skid and to help protect the edges from peel up due to snags.  

    Silvagrip® should not be applied to surfaces that are to be submerged in water or surfaces with continual water flowing over it.  Or, where moisture can seep through the substrate and contact the adhesive.

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  • How do I repair any damaged area? 

    How do I repair any damaged area? 

    Assess the damaged area size.  Simply cut out the damaged area with a utility knife. 

    Be Careful Not to Cut through into the Epoxy Paint Below! 

    Take out the damaged piece and clean the deck below.

    Then cut the new piece to size 1/2″ to 1″ smaller all the way around.

    Peel off the backing and stick the new piece into the cut out area.

    Seal the edges of the cut out and the new piece installed.  

    Allow the edge sealer to harden before going back to work as normal.

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  • Can the edges peel up? 

    Can the edges peel up? 

    No! Not if an approved edge sealer was properly applied at installation!

    It’s required to use an edge sealer along all edges at installation time, to protect the edges from accidental snags, exposure to the environment and against moisture and liquids when cleaning.  Please follow the installation instructions to achieve maximum adhesion.

    Maintenance is required to inspect the edge sealer and fix as necessary over the life of Silvagrip®.

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  • Will the adhesion give up? 

    Will the adhesion give up? 

    No, not if the applicator followed the cleaning of the surface and the installation instructions correctly.   Be sure to follow all instructions for cleaning, handling of the sheet, and applying edge sealer with a double ¼” bead while the first bead is still wet.  Our adhesives are REACH and RoHS compliant.

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  • How do I know my deck is not rusting underneath? 

    How do I know my deck is not rusting underneath? 

    Initial surface preparedness should ensure the applicator is not going to cover up a rust area in its beginning stages. However, the Silvagrip® surface will show signs of looseness in areas where rust has lifted the epoxy paints.  You can repair areas that are loosened by rust.

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  • Can I apply this product over rust and paint scale? 

    Can I apply this product over rust and paint scale? 

    No, the deck or walkways must be clean of oils, rust and paint scale.  You don’t want rust to continue to attack the metal underneath, weakening substrate materials/surfaces. Our adhesive will seal the deck and help protect it. Your deck will have less abuse and our anti-skid surfaces will last longer because of that initial surface care.

     This is not covered under Warranty; failure to properly prepare and clean the deck will be the responsibility of the installer.

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  • Will oils and chemicals affect Silvagrip®?

    Will oils and chemicals affect Silvagrip®?

    Silvagrip® is resistant to oil and chemicals, but it is advised not to allow chemicals and oils to remain for extended periods.  Clean with soapy water, scrub and wash the contamination out of the surface. 

    Aircraft hydraulic fluids will eat the adhesive but standard oils do not affect the adhesive.

    Silvagrip® is not designed to be submerged in water.

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  • Will the aluminum/ceramic hold up well in the heat? 

    Will the aluminum/ceramic hold up well in the heat? 

    Both the aluminum /ceramic matrix and the aluminum/titanium will handle almost any heat. Only the adhesive is limited to 350ºF per the manufacture. We took a test up to 400ºF to reach for the maximum heat envelope without damage.

    The Navy is currently considering Silvagrip® as a temporary flight deck repair using high temp epoxy adhesive to keep the flight decks operational in damaged traditional paint on anti-skid products that have popped off.

    The Navy has applied the aluminum ceramic directly to the flight deck of the USS Wasp, where vertical take off and landing jets F35B operate.  If it can hold up to the heat of the jet blast of a few minutes it will hold up to most any heat of the day or engine room!

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  • Will this work well for recreational boats?

    Will this work well for recreational boats?

    Yes, absolutely! The Aluminum/Ceramic non skid for boats is an excellent choice and will be comfortable to bare feet.

    Using a finer profile Silvagrip® surface like that used for the food grade can help prevent damage to swimsuit materials. Generally people like it painted white and this softness shaft edges from tearing the suit bottom.

    Some recreational boat users choose not to use the edge seal due not liking the appearance of using edge sealer.   Edges can get rolled from wear and catching; if edge seal is not used, Warranty is no longer applicable.  

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  • Do you offer a Warranty?

    Do you offer a Warranty?

    Warranty, Limited Remedy, and Disclaimer


    Special precautions

    Although the information and recommendations set forth herein (hereinafter “information”) are presented in good faith and believed to be correct as of the date hereof.  Silva Non Skid Solutions  makes no representations as to the completeness or accuracy thereof.  Information is supplied upon the condition that the persons receiving our product will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use.  In no event will Silva Non Skid Solutions be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from the use of it’s products, or reliance upon information weather direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted.

    For those who purchase our product

    Many independent variables beyond Silva Non Skid Solutions control and particularly within the user’s perception and power to determine can affect the functioning and life cycle of Silvagrip, including the substrate type, surface preparation and the conditions where it will be used.  The user is the only one responsible for evaluating the product and determining if it’s acceptable for the user’s particular use.

    Silvagrip® 3 Year Limited Warranty


    We appreciate your trust in Silvagrip®nonskid peel and stick products.

    We back our claim as being “the best nonskid peel and stick on the market” by standing behind the quality of our surface with this valuable 3 year limited warranty.

    Silvagrip®is an upfront value-added investment in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    We will provide protection of your investment from premature wear of the nonskid surface and adhesive failure with a limited warranty. This warranty only applies to Silvagrip® Products manufactured by Silva Non Skid Solutions, LLC Manawa, WI USA.

    Please retain your invoice, the installers contact information, and appropriate photographs of the preparation and installation of the nonskid area. Photographs of deck preparation showing the cleaning methods used by the contractor and installation photographs at the time of installation are essential! Date stamped will help you when in a claim against the Contractors/Installer if the adhesive were to come up from the deck.

    3 Year Limited Warranty

    During the first 1 year of properly applied Silvagrip, we will cover 100% replacement of the affected sheet(s) of our product for premature failure in materials, delamination and workmanship of the affected Silvagrip® product; Exp: such as an excessively smooth surface or delamination of materials. We will replace any section[s] at our discretion should the surface prematurely wear below 0.40 COF per ANSI/ASSE A1264-2-2012. 

    During the 2nd and 3rd years of its 10 year expected life span, we shall provide a limited warranty, pro-rated from the original purchase price.

    The appropriate replacement amount of edge sealer will be also supplied for the section[s] determined needing replacement due to warranty.

    This warranty is subject to change without notice

    Note: This warranty will not cover the labor for removal and replacement, nor shipping charges.

    Warranty is valid only if during installation of Silvagrip, our approved edge sealer, was applied properly around the edges of each sheet; meaning: a 1/4"bead of edge sealer was applied down into the top profile of the nonskid surface; with a 2nd 1/4" bead of edge sealer being applied along the sheet edge.

    Normal Conditions Warranty

    Under normal use in foot traffic conditions, Silva Non Skid Solutions LLC will replace affected sheets of our nonskid peel and stick sheet[s] if Silvagrip® no longer provides a coefficient of friction greater than 0.40 on the nonskid surface on a static dry test. Below this level, the surface is considered “not safe to slips and falls” per ANSI/ASSE A1264-2-2012.  SilvaSeal Edge Sealer must have been applied at the beginning and properly applied, to claim warranty.  Removal and Replacement Labor is not included.

    Not Covered under Warranty

    1. Damaged edges of Silvagrip® sheet[s] due to edge seal not being properly maintained.

    2. Damaged Silvagrip® sheet[s] caused by accidental contact or impact.

    3. Edge Sealer lifting or torn. The edge sealer is a sacrificial protector to Silvagrip® sheet edge.

    4. Evidence of Twist Damage of Silvagrip® from fork truck wheels turning. (Use our heavy duty fork truck nonskid materails for these types of areas)

    5. Approved edge sealer was not used during initial installation

    6. Edge sealer was not maintained throughout Silvagrip® life

    7. Crushing of the nonskid surface thereby ruining the coefficient of friction through use of metal wheels, heavy pallaet jack wheels or fork truck traffic

    8. Replacement labor expenses

    9. Replacement shipping expenses

    10. Adhesive lifting from the deck side

    Common Causes of Improper Deck Preparation

    a.  Improper cleanliness during installation 

    b.  Loose paint

    c.  Corrosion under the paint

    d.  Rough surface

    e.  Dust

    f.  Moisture on the deck

    g.  Overnight dew, dust and dirt before application

    h.  Excessive handling of the adhesive by the installer

    How to File a Claim

    1. Send us photographs of the deck preparation and application of the sheets. Photographs with a date stamp is essential.

    2. Silva Non Skid Solutions will decide if an on-site visit is necessary for evaluation of the affected area[s].

    3. Retain your original sales invoice with lot number[s].

    4. Using an ASTM Coefficient of Friction Meter show a short video of test failing less than .40 on the meter. [We can provide a rental if necessary].

    5. Request a Return Authorization Number. Provide us with the purchase order number or shipper number and the amount of affected sheets.

    6. Take replacement photos with Date Stamp. These should be of sheet removal, cleanup, new sheet replacement and applied edge sealer

    7. Silva Non Skid Solutions LLC will then apply credit against the amount of Silvagrip®sheets after application is final.


    Silva Non Skid Solutions LLC has no control over the quality of the installation by installer.

    Silvagrip®will Not Adhere to bare wood or bare concrete. 

    We Stand Behind the Quality of Silvagrip®as the New Safety Antiskid Standard!

    Nothing contained herein constitutes a license to practice under any patent and it should not be construed as an inducement to infringe any patent and the user is advised to take appropriate steps to be sure that any proposed use of the product will not result in patent infringement

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