The harder the material, the longer it will last. When molten aluminum blends with ceramic and oxygen it creates a very tough material with a rough surface profile.  Silvagrip® has a 10+ year expected life cycle with normal wear.  

 Durability is the ability of the anti-skid surface profile to last 5 years minimum, with the CoF retaining above .4  in a CoF pull test.

 This means that Total Cost of Ownership has paid off in its investment without worries of injuries to workers and pedestrians and consequential lawsuits!

Conventional non slip tapes use resins (polymers) to hold the abrasive, as seen below.  This profile wears out via grit pull out, by being worked back and forth in traffic until the abrasive falls out.  The abrasive particles don’t wear out, they just fall out.  Silvagrip® abrasives are encapsulated by molten metal and solidified in position permanently making Silvagrip® superior in durability via engineering. 

Here, we twist the tire of a 7,000 lb forklift on the surface and it has no effect to the adhesion to the deck.




Silvagrip® remains secure after twisting tire on the surface