Safety from slip hazards is a huge problem!  

Safety managers are in a continuous battle to make their employes safe from slip injuries while maintaining a clean area.

    • Melting Salts Will Have No Affect on SilvagripĀ®   
    • Concrete Applications require Epoxy Paint or a penetrating concrete sealer first

invetion ConcreteOil: Off shore drilling rigs, jackup rigs

Equipment: Heavy Construction, Farming , Fenders, Standing Lawn Riders, Truck Thresholds, Truck Beds

Emergency Vehicle: Thresholds,  Ambulance Floors

Airport: Entrances

Hospital: Emergency Entrances

about DeckPaintHotels: Pools and Spas

Public: Sub Way Landings, Stair Steps, Wheel Chair Ramps, Sidewalks

Stadiums: Stair Cases, Cat Walks, Mezzanines

Railings: Hand Pipe Style

Ladders: Smooth Pipe Style Ladders, To Mezzanines or Next Deck Level

Recreational Vehicles: Campers, Motor Homes, Trailers