Silva Non Skid Solutions LLC was founded to serve the needs of those that needed a longer lasting superior nonskid Surfaces. Our belief is there’s a huge need for value through long life cycle nonskid. Our peel and stick, marine nonskid product, is trademarked Silvagrip®. It’s not anything like regular peel and stick non skid! 

Silvagrip® was designed for longevity!

Longevity Saves Lives and Money!

The US Navy found Silvagrip as long board skateboarders were ranting over our grip! The Navy Research Lab was looking for deck safety in a peel and stick anti-skid flooring safety that lasted more than 6 months for their personnel's safety aboard their ships deck.

Silvagrip® was studied and found to fit their needs to last “Long Durations” with the > than 1.5 CoF profile only losing slightly with CoF.

Silvagrip® is a patented blend of molten aluminum/ceramic metal oxides or aluminum/titanium metal alloys thermally sprayed into a stainless steel backing. When solidified the rough aggregate is grip bonded to the stainless steel substrate. An adhesive is laminated to the back with a plastic removal able backing to expose the deck side adhesive. Total thickness is 0.035 to 0.050” at .321 lbs/sq ft. w/paint.

Silvagrip® was quick to the fit into the safety needs of local governments, industry and tourism since it is easy to apply to any cleaned smooth surface.

Flooring Safety needs Long-lasting Anti-Skid Peel and Stick, Anti Slip surfaces to keep providing people that “Sure Footing”. Good people working or visiting an area are worth making their areas safe from the dangers of lost time accidents.

Silvagrip®, when used with its edge sealer Silvaseal, will last up to 10 years safely. People can quickly get hurt when their feet unexpectedly fly out from under them. Silvagrip®’s long lasting anti slip tape keeps employees at their work safely, for years and years.

Grip Tapes have been around for a long time, they perform well when new. However, the traditional polymer resin based grip tapes just seem to fail within a very sort life cycle. Labor is very costly these days; to constantly replace the safety flooring every year or every other year does not make standard anti slip tapes cost efficient.

Quite frankly “Replacement Labor” is so very expensive that companies will drag out the need/requirement for safety flooring replacement for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this choice is allowing the opportunity for a slip and fall, with a lost time accident, to happen.

Good employees are hard to find, and insurance rates are out of control.
This is what Silvagrip® was designed to protect.

It’s all about that bottom line; “Keep the Total Cost of Ownership” at a level that over time because of durability it saves companies money and personal injury.

Silvagrip was designed to be:

  • Long Lasting… to make dollars and sense for the investment in safety.
  • Durable...avoiding the release of the surface particles when in high heat, like resin based products do.
  • Flexible enough to wrap around a bull nose of a stair tread or a ladder rung.
  • Light with lighter surface profiles with aluminum titanium alloy to satisfy daily cleaning needs of floors in the food industry laminated with an FDA approved adhesive.

The top aluminum titanium aggregate, if ever broken away, must be able to be detectable passing through a metal detector.

Special heavy duty Silvagrip® substrate is used for fork truck and helicopter landing loads.
Silvagrip® Easy to apply
Edge sealing adds longevity by preventing edge roll over.
We are expecting up to 10 years of floor safety! 6 years on the USS Mahan!